Breathwork Classes

Conscious Connected Breathing allows deep awareness of self and our connection with self, others and nature to develop, providing the groundwork for profound personal development. I call it personal development on speed!!

This experiential breathing technique allows you to intentionally connect the inhale with the exhale, without any pauses. You and your breath have an innate healing capacity and we use positive intention to focus the energy of a session.

Let’s be honest, life these days is busy and can seem hard at times. Often we don’t put ourselves first and it can be difficult to connect to who we truly are and visualise who/where we want to be.

If you relate, I’ve got good news for you! The answers are all within you and I can guide you to them in these sessions. We just have to get still, tune in to ourselves and access this whole new level of you.


Some of my clients have described their sessions as Mediation on Steroids, Deeply healing, Utterly blissful, Beautiful emotional, and deep like nothing else I’ve ever done.


Classes, Retreats and Programs

The Life and Breath Retreat is now open for booking.  February 2024.  Seaford UK. Limited spaces. 

Click here to find out more and secure your spot

Upcoming Dates:


    • Online Breathwork Class  Monday 17th July  7.30 pm UK time and Tuesday August 1st 7:20 pm
    • 1:2:1 Sessions available, Please message
    • Couples Sessions available- please message for details
    • Loving Bravely. A 6-month online program starting September 2023, with myself and Holistic Relationship Coach Ali Hendry. Just space for 6 couples.  DM for more details

Breathwork can get you dropping baggage, emotions, anxiety… Absolutely anything that’s holding you back faster than anything else I’ve ever come across in my 20+ years of personal development! And you can also call in the great- Full abundance of whatever it is that you’re wanting in your life.


Having practiced yogic breathing with teachers before, I was somewhat familiar with breathwork. I have also dabbled in following Wim Hof’s methods, but nothing prepared me for the extraordinary session with Sam.

In this class I’ll guide you step by step to clear away those blocks and walls that you have spent years, maybe decades building up.

Using this powerful breathwork technique, you can feel better immediately afterward. It’s powerful, life changing and it really works!

This class will remind you how amazing you are, who you truly are when you drop all the stuff that’s holding you back from your best you. Let’s break those beliefs and truths you’re living with right now, so you are ready to receive all you desire.

Breathwork challenges you Mentally, Emtionally & Physically, be prepared to experience something powerful. It will also be motivational and supportive.

I show up fully as myself too and although I’m very gentle and motivational, I do like to swear a little. It’s passionate and supportive… but if you don’t like that, it’s cool, but this class may not be for you.

This class is for you if you have an open mind and you’re ready for some intense healing and positive changes in your life.

Online Setup

How to Set Up Your Space for The Online Breathwork Class
Set up your computer so that it’s next to your space. Headphones are ideal if you’re solo. If you’re doing it with other people, I suggest connecting to external speakers if you have them.
Set up a yoga mat, blanket or whatever you want to lay on
Trust the process
It’s ideal to do Breathwork when your stomach is not too full, so I suggest not eating anything at least two hours prior to the session if possible. It still works if you’ve eaten, it’s just best not to have giant cheeseburger right before.