Live Online FREE Life & Breath Sessions.

1 hour of open agenda coaching and a short breathwork meditation.  Come and experience what Life & Breath is all about for FREE

May 16th at 1 pm

June 6th, 1 pm

June 28th, 1 pm


Live Online Breathwork Class – Thursday 15th June 7.30pm UK time – £25

Live Online Breathwork Class – Tuesday 4th July 7.30 pm UK time

The Life and Breath Retreat. Life Coaching & Breathwork Retreat Friday 16th February to Sunday 18th February 2024.

Held at The beautiful Florence House East Sussex

Book your place today with only £100 deposit

Loving Bravely: Sam and Ali’s Relationship Overhaul Programme.  6-months online.  6 Couples Only.

Combination of Life and Relationships Coaching and Breathwork

Starts September 2023.  DM for details.


1-2-1 Live Online Breathwork Session

Three 1-2-1 Online Breathwork Sessions Reduced rate

I really ready to let go!!

Couples Breathwork Session Live Onine
In Person 1-2-1 Breathwork Session (Brighton Area Only)
Corporate Group Breathwork Session (Great stress reducer)
5 Day Emotional Detox- Signature Course

This course has the potential to create a big change for you.  It was the first course I took myself before training to become a Breathwork Coach, it was so powerful I had no choice but to train and share it with others.  I cleared out and released so much stuck grief and loss doing this.   DO IT and find out for yourself.

You can check out my Life coaching where I offer 1:2:1 and group programs.

My group program Breaking Your Own Limits is due to restart in the autumn.  It sold out last time so click here to add yourself to the waiting list so you can be one of the first to hear about it.

Online Setup

How to Set Up Your Space for The Online Breathwork Class
Set up your computer so that it’s next to your space. Headphones are ideal if you’re solo. If you’re doing it with other people, I suggest connecting to external speakers if you have them.
Set up a yoga mat, blanket or whatever you want to lay on
Trust the process
It’s ideal to do Breathwork when your stomach is not too full, so I suggest not eating anything at least two hours prior to the session if possible. It still works if you’ve eaten, it’s just best not to have giant cheeseburger right before.