So this week’s blog is all about confidence.

Or maybe I should say, lack of confidence because that’s what people come to me with, amongst other feelings. They want more confidence. They want the ability to be able to just take action and not be worried about whether they’re going to fail or whether they’re going to succeed. 

I always wanted to run a membership group.  I was nervous about my ability to be able to do it, nervous that no one would join. I’d never done anything like that before, setting it up and running one, so I kept putting it off and putting it off!

Eventually I just called myself out on my own BS, I bit the bullet, I burned my bridges & just did it. Launched it, it wasn’t perfect far from it…I’m still perfecting it. 

I just went with it in the end, I just stepped away from the shore, and pushed forward. Now that it’s up and running and has members, it feels good. And as I always say to my one to one clients, grow as you go

There’s nothing wrong with that, if you wait for everything to be perfect, you will never get going and nothing is perfect after-all. 

The reason we want things to be perfect is because we fear being judged it’s fear of getting it wrong, but you’re always going to get things wrong and people are always going to judge, all you need to be is you.

Know that you’ll make mistakes, know that that’s okay. Know that you can adjust and adapt. That’s how we grow our confidence. 

So get out there, take some action doesn’t matter how small. You might be feeling down or fed up, like you’re not stepping up, that you’re not reaching your full potential. And a lot of that comes down to confidence, you don’t feel confident about that thing you’re about to do. 

You’re worried & feeling that you might fail, or that you’ll be judged.

When you feel like this you get stuck. You just can’t move forward.

In some ways, you’re actually going backwards!

And stuck is a horrible place to be in!

It’s a place where you can’t make a decision and indecisiveness is the killer of dreams, indecisiveness is that place where you say maybe or you say I’ll think about it, or I’ll do it tomorrow, or I’ll do it later. 

That’s just a horrible place to be nothing happens, nothing’s moving forward. There is no progress. 

But even small progress is progress. 

So I want you not to be afraid to give your best to even the smallest little things, because when you master little things, or you do something small it makes you feel good. That makes you feel stronger. And if you do the little things well, then that turns into the big things, you do those small little steps and you conquer them, you master them, you build momentum and that turns into the big things. 

And there’s nothing that beats being indecisive more than action. 

Taking some fricking action. 

Now, most people won’t take action because they’re worried. Like I said that they’ll cock up, that they’re going to be judged, that they’re going to fail. But even if you take some action and it turns out to not be the wrong actio…the good thing about that is that you’re probably gonna learn something about yourself or somebody else or something else. 

You can grow from it, you can adapt and adjust from that. And although it might not have been the right thing, or the right course of action, having done something will shift the drift, because when you lack confidence, and you don’t do anything you’re stuck, you’re just drifting. 

Nothing boosts confidence like action. 

Think about it for a minute. When you’ve been stuck before… because I’m pretty sure you have been, we all have. I have and I just sat in that Limbo position of saying maybe or saying soon or I’ll think about it, or I’ll do it later.. because of this lack of confidence!!

When I’ve got off my butt and I’ve taken some action, it feels fricking amazing. 

And nothing boosts confidence like action & results. 

The more action you take the more results you’re gonna get. 

This all leads to you feeling even better. When you feel good, you attract more good into your life.

What you think you become, so if you feel confident, or you think you’re confident you are confident. And if you feel confident you’ll attract more confidence and more confident people. 

And if you can imagine all of that and just imagine what that feeling would feel like, cultivate it in your mind, in your thoughts, then you create that, everything you want is out there, everything, but you have to be willing to go into some uncomfortable places to step up to the plate and to make some mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. That’s life, it’s a fact. 

The only person you ever need to be is YOU!  

So know this, yes everyone makes mistakes…know that you just need to be you, know that you just need to take one small action, which will lead to another small action, know that if even if you get it wrong, you can adjust you can adapt and you can go again. 

When we’re stuck, we feel overwhelmed and when we’re overwhelmed, we feel stuck. It’s a repetitive cycle. 

So if you want to feel more confident, go out and take some action go out and make some mistakes. Because by taking action and making mistakes and going again, and again, and again, you’ll start to get results. 

And when you start to get results, you start to get more confidence.

You don’t want to get to the end of your life, and look back, like I keep saying, wishing you coulda, shoulda woulda. Life is too short. 

So throw everything at it. Swim away from the shore. Burn those bridges and just step forward step forward, I promise you the feeling on the other side is amazing. 

When you achieve something, when you get a result, that will boost your confidence.

Everything seems impossible until it’s done, right, I think it was Nelson Mandela that said that, everything seems impossible until it’s done. 

If you want to have more, be more, do more, be more successful, then an important element of that is your self confidence. You gain strength from that, action breeds courage and confidence!

So face your fears, boost your confidence and make the most of this opportunity, this life that you’ve been given.

Kick doubt and fear to the curb. 

Till next time

Sam x

The REAL Life Coach 😉

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