Relationship Deep Dive starts 28th september

 Deep Dive with Sam as your coach and a small group of like minded people.

The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life!

Trust is required and here I’m asking you from the get go to trust me.  There is no big framework, no theory, it’s just how I work, but there will be transformation. 

Relationships are complex, we are hard wired to want to be connected to others. 

Any hope for a deep lasting connection with someone comes first from loving yourself. 

I’ve coached 100’s of people and one thing that is evident and that comes up time and time again is relationships, despite what the client may have initially come to me for.  I became aware of this pattern when discussing things with my coach, it lead me to start sharing some things I had noticed and ultimately lead to this Deep Dive.

Life is basically made up of relationships-all the people we are connected to!

How can we have a deep lasting relationship when we are a mystery to ourselves.

Over this 3 month Deep Dive I’ll be immersing you in self-discovery. Helping you master the art of relationships! 

It’s probably not what you think it is either!! 

You’ll join an small group that lifts and supports each other, whilst I support and guide you as your coach – the focus is on you, in this life changing experience.

You’ll learn…

To love the imperfect, to build a new relationship with yourself that’s the foundation, to how you show up with those around you, and to getting the relationship/s you want.

Relationships are cultivated from the inside out!!


If you want a better life you need better relationships and that starts with a better YOU!!

Relationship Deep Dive

coaching experience

3 months online

Gain insight into yourself, and your thinking, stretch, grow, discover and understand how ALL relationships impact your life and how to find & improve them.

It Starts on 28th September 2022!

We meet weekly online, there is also a community support group for Q & A and sharing. 

The sooner you book the cheaper it is too, book before 31st August to get £100 off!!

When you understand who you are, have greater awareness you build better relationships

during this relationship deep dive i will challenge you, support you, guide and teach you everything i’ve learnt from coaching many previous clients and my own life experience. 


 we will get REAL…


  Change you and your life


Sometimes we have to draw the breath that will take us deep…

I’ll put my whole heart, soul and experience into you, so working with me I ask you: to be bold, be ready and open to all possibilities-

You’ll know if you’re ready to spend 3 months together. You’ll know if you’re ready to supercharge and revitalise your dream relationship

It starts with you!

Your spot is waiting but as I always say


Life works inside out, change the inside change your world!!



early bird offer,

sign up before 31st August and get £100 off  £350  (normally £450)

You can also pay in 3 easy installments for just £133pm

Hey there, I’m Sam…

I’m passionate about life and helping others elevate theirs.  

I do this through coaching and a big part of what I focus on is finding yourself internally so that you can succeed externally.

Life is all about connection and relationships, no matter who you are.  I’ve worked with Olympians, CEO’s and regular Jo’s it makes no difference.

Come join me in this 3 month Relationship Deep Dive and discovery how to have a better quality life!



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