2 Months Online Deep Dive group coaching is a powerful experience.


Deep Dive into you, to reconnect, to breakthrough, to harness a love and clear vision for your future that will attract the life you deserve.  

Over this 2 month deep dive I’ll be immersing you in self-discovery. You’ll join an intimate group that lifts each other, whilst I support and guide you as your coach – the focus is on you, in this life changing experience.

You’ll learn…

To disrupt those unhelpful thought and behaviour patterns, becoming calm and centred managing all aspects of life better. Connecting into the power of fulfilment over chasing the ‘happy’.  

To love the imperfect, to build a new relationship with yourself that’s the foundation, to how you show up with those around you.

By gaining new insight about yourself you’ll understand that you are your greatest asset.  

Learn how to manage life’s challenges better. 

If you want a better life you have to be a better YOU!!

Deep Dive


2 months of coaching & teaching

Gain insight into yourself, and your thinking, stretch, grow, discover and understand yourself better in 2 months

It Starts 2nd November 2022!

When you understand who you are,

You can understand who you can be!!

 2 months, 3 Parts

We look at Your Past, Your Future and Your Present. 

I will ask you some powerful questions that will draw out your story.

We will get serious on the business of you and we will get REAL…

I’ll focus on the you within…

We’ll dive into your past, the present through powerful questioning, it’ll feel kind of uncomfortable…but it will be ok, because this is all with the intention of you being where you need and want to be. This is real growth. 



Part 1: The Past

“Tell me the story of you…” be it visual, written or oral. Dig deep to discover a story of you, the REAL you…


Part 2: The Future

What would you like to accomplish—that looks pretty impossible, right now—but if it was achieved would change everything?


Part 3: The Present

What are you tolerating in your life or business? What bores you? Let’s get you completely in the present to THIS moment. 

  Change you and your life


Sometimes we have to draw the breath that will take us deep…

I’ll put my whole heart, soul and experience into you, so working with me I ask you: to be bold, be ready and open to all possibilities- knowing that being in the shadows is over and it’s time to step into what lights you up! 

Let’s do it in 2022…

You’ll know if you’re ready to spend two months together. You’ll know if you’re ready to supercharge and revitalise your dreams into tangible actions. So please know…

I am here…

It starts with you!

There is just 10 places,  the experience is second to nun.

Your spot is waiting but as I always say


Life works inside out, change the inside change your world!!



early bird offer,

sign up before 31st july 2022 £697

We reward action takers the sooner you join the cheaper it is. From 1st august price goes to £850

From 15th September price is £997

Hey there, I’m Sam…

I’m passionate about elevating small business owners and individuals, empowering them with the tools they need to develop and improve.

I do this through coaching and a big part of what I focus on is finding yourself internally so that you can succeed externally.

So, if you’ve been feeling like that ⬆︎…

Like you’ve lost your mojo or you simply feel tired and depleted, you’re in the right place. Join me on the 3 Day Deep Dive.

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