How to be more productive


Do you put in extra hours?

There are some of you out there who feel the need to go the extra mile for the company and start early or finish late, right?

I’m also sure that you really don’t need me to tell you that this can be detrimental to you health!! 

So therefore more likely than not you will end up taking more sick days!!

Because you’re stretching yourself you become more susceptible to illness.

Many managers overlook employees who are clocking up the hours, in fact a lot love it, because they think they are getting more for their money….

But in the long run it’s not the case.

If you’re an employer do you give your staff the opportunity to talk confidentially about any issues around work load they have?

Together you could then look at ways to support them.

How about regular workshops or seminars as part of their working day that get the team together to learn practical skills and tools that can help their all round well being.

It’s proven that this type of workshop can help your staff be more productive, open and make less mistakes!!

Of course these workshops cost money, but the investment will pay off in the long run with happy staff and more work achieved!!

In the long term businesses that have promoted staff wellbeing out perform those that don’t!

Focusing on Productivity can be costly.

What do you think? 

Happy Staff equal more productivity.

Better to be in a happy positive environment don’t you think?

Would you employ some like me to give a 1 or half day workshop that focused on your staff’s wellbeing?

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