Starts MARCH 18th

A six week Online Group Coaching Program to find the REAL you, a deep dive into your life !  So you can go after what you TRULY desire and want from life!

IT STARTS WITH YOU is where you get REAL, get connection and get ALL the support you need to grow yourself, your ideas, your desires and start living full out!

Together we will share our experiences, we will brainstorm, we will progress and every single one of us will move forward with ourselves, our futures and our full potential!

IT STARTS WITH YOU will hold you accountable, support you and motivate you!  By the end of the 6 weeks you’ll be sold on yourself,  your values what you stand for.  

If you lie awake at night feeling the pain of not having the life you want or being who you truly are this group coaching program is made for you.

It’s for you if you know you can do more than you’re doing, have more than you have!
If you’re looking for your people, to surround yourself with people who get you, people who are here to champion you, encourage you on your journey, people who are in your corner this is for you!
If you’re fed up of feeling out of ideas, out of control, overwhelmed and not knowing how to get to the next level…….

Then IT STARTS WITH YOU is for you.


   You know what if there’s one thing we’ve all learnt from lockdown/corona is that you never know what’s around the corner.

Which means making the most of every single day, making the things that you want to be and have your top priority.

In IT STARTS WITH YOU you’ll learn how to fix how you operate your mind so that you have less stress, worries and fix your reality.

You’ll get to know and understand the REAL you!

Resulting in better health, relationships, work and future.

You will get inspired to set goals, and achieve them FAST!

By fixing and changing the framework of your thoughts you will easily go after your goals and desires, find a path to perform better and have more success.

Each week there will be a different area covered.

Week 1. Responsibility

                       Week 2. Who do you think you are

              Week 3. Where are you going

          Week 4. Magnetise yourself

                           Week 5. Engraining the track- Habits

 Week 6. Compounding


So, are you ready to put YOU first, stop drifting and start to make changes?

Ready to change everything….Get in NOW!

This is a small group, so places are limited… and I ain’t just saying that!!

Your investment is £695

Message of you would like to pay in installments.

What do I get with It Starts With You?



♦ Ask me anything LIVE sessions

♦ Guest Expert sessions

♦ Weekly Live Zoom brainstorming sessions

♦ Weekly Live Zoom Accountability session


♦ Emotional regulation

♦ Mindset shifts

♦ Perspective habits/ routines

♦ Your circle

♦ Environment


♦ What gets said in the room stays in the room (NDA so you feel completely safe)

♦ Share and learn from each other

♦ Support group you can access via Mighty Networks app


Get In Before 1st Feb 2021 and Get

* 1 Hour Zoom 1:2:1 session with me

 * 1 Month Access to my REAL LIFE Club membership

 * ‘It starts with You’ T-Shirt

 *  1 Month coaching support from me via Whats App

All this is worth in excess of £450!

I’m gonna do everything I can to make you love it, but you know what, if it’s not for you after 2 weeks and you’ve done the work, get your money back!

No risk, but you gotta play full out.

If you’re in, you’re fully in.

It’s called Commitment.

As I always say Commit to your Commitment

I’ve been working with Sam for about 2 months now, and she the real deal 

In the time we’ve been working together, I’ve started properly outsourcing the work I don’t want to do, hired a VA, got clear on my revenue goals, launched a program and am generally moving upwards at a fast rate.


She keeps me on track and accountable, and instead of me running around like a squirrel after the next tasty nut, she’s keeping me steady and on course.

If you’ve got the blessing/curse of the entrepreneurial spirit, you need Sam on your side. She’s cheerleader, the voice of reason, check-in person, ideas-bouncer-offer extraordinaire.

For me, she’s helping me to build the business of my dreams, and it’s happening bloody fast!

Thanks Sam xx

Cathy Topping

Copy Writer

Having someone like Sam to talk things through with has been a MASSIVE help.  I first realised that I needed help when I was feeling so overwhelmed that I lost my confidence.

After speaking to Sam and having her as my coach it made such a difference, I began to shift from overwhelm to a secure feeling.  Sam keeps me on track when I go off on tangents, helps me keep perspective.

Kim Mason

Owner, ICE Events

I highly recommend you work with Sam! Her energy and enthusiasm and totally authentic lovely self will inspire you to get up in the morning and make the changes you need. Sam has an ability to help you break down what it is you want to achieve and make the right changes in your life. With her continuous support she keeps you on track and accountable. Small changes start with you and that is exactly how Sam will get you moving forward.
Jess Williams

Owner, Imagine Dance Studios


Sam Adams is known as The REAL Life Coach, a business owner and public speaker based in Brighton, UK.

She helps ambitious individuals, athletes and business owners Get Real, Get Focused and get to where they want to be. She does this using her unique kick-ass real-world coaching methods.

She has a no BS approach and coaches based on the lessons from her past experiences of life and being in business for over 20 years.

She coaches using her instinct, motivational skills and experience as a life long learner of self development.

Having been through and bounced back from Bankruptcy to build successful businesses .

Overcome the trauma of abuse, being ripped off for £100k, gone on to be successful in business for over 20 years and coached many individuals to get great results and improve their life, she is now offering this unique opportunity to work with her in an intimate group focused way!

Stop playing small. Let’s do this together.
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