I contacted Sam when I returned to work from maternity leave and was feeling overwhelmed and underconfident.

I connected with Sam because she seemed genuine and real, I also found her videos extremely amusing and helpful of course.

Sam is always there whenever I need her, she gives me perspective when needed and top advice. Knowing that Sam is on the end of the phone makes me feel calm. In times of stress I find myself thinking “what would Sam say” and if I don’t have time to call her I am now a lot better at working it out myself rather than getting in a state of stress and becoming unproductive.

I am so much better now at setting objectives and sticking to them which is making me much more productive, with her help I have created daily habits that have improved my life drastically.

Thank you Sam x


I was introduced to Sam at the lowest part of my life.

This lady is truly awe – inspiring.

No fancy letters after her name, just pure to the point and from the heart.

She has helped me push through boundaries, discovered confidence I didn’t know I had, pointed me in the right direction when I lost my way and made me sit up and pay attention.

Every word she speaks makes total sense and helps me think outside the box. She inspires me to get up, be accountable and be the best version of me every day and for those days I can’t (because we all have them and we’re not perfect) she’s always there to lend an ear and share some wise words.

She really has made a massive difference to my life already and this is only the tip of the iceberg and I’ll be forever thankful.


Sam is a great coach with drive and enthusiasm.  She really helped me to find some clarity in my crazy life to find a way forward.

She is very patient and yet good at holding one accountable, both qualities which to me are invaluable.


Working with Sam changed my perspective on hard work.

She taught me how to be more deliberate with my actions.

A nononsense understanding approach is what seperates her, she knows exactly how and when to apply the pressure!

I really enjoyed my time, the benefits were OUTSTANDING, I recruited 16 people to a programme that I initally only expected to get 8, she got me in the zone!

Sam is great at what she does.


Organisations I have spoken for…