Why we all need Accountability


Accountability, what ACTUALLY is it and why do I believe we all need it.

You’ve probably heard the word many times, but what does it really mean?  I believe it can be the difference between success and failure!

Yep, that’s how powerful it can be.  It’s basically the measure of success and progress

Definitely for me and my clients it’s made a world of difference.

The business of accountability is basically someone supporting you, holding you accountable to your goals and action plan.

Someone pushing you, encouraging you to do the things you said you would do in order to get the results you said you wanted.

You see when we do things alone, we can easily lose track of our progress and where we are at.  You can apply this to many areas of your life in fact! 

When I hold people accountable I class myself as their measuring stick.  You cannot manage what you do not measure, and when we go it alone we just lose track.

It literally can take us years to get our heads up and realise!

When we know we have someone to report back to who is going to check in on our progress it makes us take action. It’s like we are being watched and in fact, we are. We just will do more to get the job done, we are are more productive.

You see we can kid ourselves all day long, finding excuses why we didn’t do XYZ, but it’s highly unlikely we can kid our accountability coach.

If it’s a good one they won’t let you get away with your BS excuses!

One of the real bonuses of Accountability is that it can really help and stop turning small challenges into big ones. When you have someone supporting you and you reporting back to they are probably more likely to spot potential problem areas before you are and get you to address them quickly.

I had a client who was juggling many things on a daily basis, just couldn’t make progress on their business, basically, fire fighting each day.  Together we sat down and got clarity on where they were at, how they were, where the focus needed to be.  Within a few weeks, they had started to manage their time better,  bringing in extra income and being more productive.  I asked them what had been the difference, they said ” having someone to report back to with the actions and whom I knew I had to check in just made me get on and do what ACTUALLY needed to be done’ 

In my opinion, you cannot create long term success without accountability!

Action trumps everything!

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