Your time to Be Kind!

So I haven’t written many blogs for this website and I recognise it’s been an area that I’ve neglected. So, I’m gonna try and rectify that now, by putting this blog post in here today.

I intend to do my best and make it a regular occurrence, because I feel like I do have a lot to say I have a lot to share. I believe that it can help people, maybe change their habits, their routines and life for the better.

So, yeah, today’s post is really about self care I guess. Over in my Facebook private membership group I’ve called this week, starting on Monday…Be kind week. Before this coronavirus kicked off we were all talking about be kind, if you can be anything be kind. This of course was off the back of Caroline flack sadly taking her own life. That was just tragic and I felt impacted by that. I’m pretty sure most of the nation did, it was just horrific.

Obviously not long after that happened, suddenly we’re all thinking about our own personal survival and our nearest and dearest because coronavirus just hit us like a train, we literally got blindsided and taken out by coronavirus.

Now we’ve had a few weeks of getting used to this situation and coronavirus being around and that this is our new reality, this is the new normal for now anyway, not forever just for now.

A lot of us now accept that we have to try and get on with life as normal as possible while protecting ourselves and our immune systems and our nearest and dearest. We can’t sit and do nothing and wait for this to pass!

So off the back of that we need to protect ourselves. I wanted us to think about getting back to being kind again.

Now, when I say be kind, I don’t actually mean be kind to others first and foremost. Of course I’m not saying don’t be kind to others. When I say be kind, I mean be kind to yourself first YOU are your number 1 priority.

I think some people really struggle to do this…like my best friend for instance, super amazing human being, lovely lovely lady, but she always always puts others needs before her own! Some might say, well thats not a bad thing, what a nice human, and yes to a certain extent I wouldn’t disagree with you. Except she gets totally bloody depleted and knackered and then she’s in the position where she is so tired she has no energy and cannot function at all!!

I’ve had many conversations with her about this, because sometimes she’ll end up trying to serve others and help others from really depleted resources mentally and energetically & physically.

I know it’s a bit of a cliche but you have to think about the old aeroplane safety thing when you get on a plane, and they tell you to put your own life mask on first, before helping others should the, you know, pressure drop or whatever happens. And it’s true for life. You can’t pour from an empty cup or an empty vessel or whatever you want to call it.

So if you don’t take care of yourself and you’re not being kind to yourself first, how can you expect others to treat you the same way? If they see you disrespecting your energy levels, how you take care of yourself, how you treat yourself, how you, you know, the stuff that you say about yourself, then that’s how others are gonna treat you.

If you know me you know that my motto and my brand is It starts with YOU… And it does start with you, it starts with you taking care of yourself. It starts with you being kind to yourself.

When was the last time you did something really kind and gentle for yourself? I asked that in my Facebook group the other day. And it was surprising the number of people that actually couldn’t remember when they last did something for themselves, when they were really kind to themselves, whatever that might be, I mean look different things float everybody’s boat right.

For you that might be just sitting down and giving yourself half an hour’s time to watch some TV or to read a book, maybe do some writing that you’ve been wanting to do because that’s actually something you really enjoy and you find therapy from doing that, it’s therapeutic. For me my therapy is running or exercise, I find real joy in that.

And that’s actually me being kind for myself because sometimes I feel like, oh shit i haven’t got time to exercise I haven’t got time to go and do that thing you know like riding my bike. I love going on long bike rides but sometimes I don’t allow myself to do it, because it’s literally gonna take two and a half hours of my time.

That’s not me being kind to myself. And those are the kinds of things, whatever your thing is, be kind to yourself and do it. Why…because that’s how you replenish your energy resources, you clear your mindset, it helps keep you grounded, clam and less stressed.

You know self care. You know if you feel better. That creates so much, so much good stuff inside of you. If you feel better, then you feel more confident and you’re more likely to get up and do more. And, you know, when you feel better, you start to look at things better, the world is better, not only yourself but other things as well. And when you look better, and you feel better even more magic happens, because then you start to attract better into life. It has this knock on effect. So find a way this week to be kind. First and foremost, be kind to yourself. Put yourself first, do something nice for yourself do something gentle for yourself, and then off the back of that you will feel better, and then go out and be kind to others.

Have a great week and if you fancy joining in on my Be Kind in my membership the link to find out more is here

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